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Right of Way - Park Farm Drive

17 October 2019

The modification Order for a right of Way in Park Farm Drive has now been confirmed by Suffolk County Council.
This means that pedestrians have the right of way to use Park Farm Drive should the Grundle be inaccessible to them for any reason.
The right of way commences on the Wyken Road, opposite Honeymeade Close at Ordnance Survey grid reference (OSGR) 59668,27301 (Point A), between the properties Haseena and The Lodge: proceeding in a generally south easterly direction along Park Farm Drive for 441 metres, mainly adjacent to the Grundle on its South Western side, terminating at a junction with Stanton FP8 and Stanton RB7 at the bridge over The Grundle/BR17 at OSGR 59698,27270, (point B)
Suffolk County Council are now in the process of ordering the necessary signage.
Thank you for your patience during this long process which was started in June 2017 and to those residents who completed questionnaires for the Parish Council.
The Parish Council would also like to thank County Councillor Joanna Spicer who played a key role in the negotiations.

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