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16 June 2021

At the Parish Council meeting on Thursday 10 June 2021 Councillors were pleased to co-opt Lorraine Frost to the Council as a Parish Councillor.
Lorraine lives in the Goldsmiths Grove Area and is a home maker.
She has experience in how school PTA's function from her children's time at school.
Lorraine is keen and enthusiastic with tasks that need to be done and has pledged to do them to the best of her ability.
Lorraine is passionate about the Village and the people who live here and is looking forward to getting more involved.
The Council believe Lorraine will be an asset to the Council and look forward to working with her on a number of projects in the future.


Lets Talk session for family carers

8 June 2021

Healthwatch Suffolk are running a Let’s Talk session for family carers. Join us for a chat about how local health and social care services work for you. The Healthwatch Suffolk Community Development team would like to invite you to join an informal chat session about the health and social care services you use. The ongoing pandemic has meant that people have needed to access services in new ways, but has it made it easier or more difficult for you, particularly as a carer? Drop in for 10mins or join us for the hour to share your experiences.11.00 -12.00 Thursday 10th June

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Vacancy for Parish Councillor

6 May 2021

Stanton Parish Council currently has a vacancy for a Parish Councillor following the retirement of Cllr June Miller.
Any one who qualifies with the criteria below is welcome to submit an application to the Parish Council by 5pm on Friday 4 June 2021 for the applications to be considered at the Parish Council Meeting on the 10th June 2021.
Do you have what it takes to be a Councillor?
Are you eligible to be a Parish Councillor?
To stand for election on a parish council, you must:
• be a UK or commonwealth citizen, or;
• be a citizen of the Republic of Ireland, or;
• be a citizen of another Member state of the European Union;
• be at least 18 years old.
To be eligible to stand for an election for a particular parish, you must:
• be an elector of the parish, or;
• for the whole of the previous 12 months have occupied (as owner or tenant) land or other premises in the parish, or;
• during the previous 12 months have worked in the parish (as your principal or only place of work), or;
• for the whole of the previous 12 months lived in the parish or within three miles of the parish boundary.
Who is the Parish Council?
Stanton Parish Council has been in existence for over 100 years. It is the first tier of local Government offering a population of 2,500 residents (at last census) the opportunity to gain access to information about local and National issues and a forum to raise any concerns they may have.
The Council is an elected body of 11 residents who qualify to act as Parish Councillors. Their role is to ensure that the Parish is using the precept from the Council Tax effectively and efficiently and to represent the interests of the Community they serve. Councillors meet monthly. A planning committee sits when necessary. Working parties are held when necessary to deal with specific areas of responsibility such as Highways, Projects and Development, Conservation, Environmental, Asset Management and Personnel.
Why should I be a Parish Councillor?
You’ve been in the village for a while and never been to a Parish Council meeting and you are thinking that the Council are all retired with time on their hands and not really bothered about issues affecting the village? However, if something ‘big’ happens or there is a large planning application, that’s when we all need support and guidance and the Parish Council is instrumental in providing that for the residents.
Councillors are someone you can turn to for help and advice and by getting involved and becoming a Councillor, you can influence decisions.
By becoming a Parish Councillor, you become someone your community will look to for help, guidance and support, a community leader with the power to influence decisions for the benefit of the people you serve. Helping make decisions to shape the future or improve your community is very rewarding and can give you a sense of pride and achievement.
Older people with life skills have a huge amount of experience to contribute and younger people can gain significant experience in areas as diverse as time management, team working, improved communication skills, problem solving, negotiation, organisation and confidence – all very transferable skills to a better employment!
If you feel you cannot do it yourself but know someone who could fulfil the above criteria then you can nominate them to be elected at the next election or when there is a vacancy!
What decisions do Parish Councils make?
Parish councils are statutory consultees for all planning matters. They also manage the village assets such as the Recreation Ground and its facilities, the public toilets, street furniture such as benches and bins, bus shelters, the Cemetery and contracts such as grass cutting and (some areas) hedge cutting.
The Council also decides on the budget for the precept and where the money is spent to improve facilities such as the recent play area renewal.
Although Parish Councils have limited powers to make decisions they are a strong voice and can influence decisions on other organisations such as the police, local authority, County Council and health authority in representing the feelings and needs of this community.
Will I have the time?
At a minimum you would be required to attend monthly Council meetings of around 2 hours duration. These are the meetings at which agenda items are discussed, and items proposed and seconded for approval.
The Chairman may accept your absence for holidays or work commitments but you must attend as often as you can to make the process more democratic.
In addition to the monthly meetings there may be occasional public meetings to discuss specific issues such as planning or a particular issue affecting the village which needs an informal get together to agree a plan of action.
New Councillors would be expected to attend training courses in their first year to assist them to understand the role better. Expenses and course fees are covered by the Council.
From time to time additional duties and projects are being developed so you may be asked to (For example) research the cost of a defibrillator or prepare a business case to purchase a Village sign. In all cases the Clerk is often available to give a hand or the project may be shared amongst more than one Councillor to spread the workload.
Some Councillors have more spare time than others and this will always be taken into consideration.
How long does a parish councillor serve for?
Once elected, parish councillors sit on the council for a maximum of four years. If they then want to stay in the post they can stand for re-election.
The residents of Stanton may vote for their preferred Councillor who they feel best represents their interests.
Still interested?
The best way to find out what it’s like to be a parish councillor is to talk to someone who’s doing it now. Come along to a parish council meeting, or speak to one of our councillors and find out what they think of the role.
For further information contact the Clerk at stantonparishcouncil@gmail.com.
The application form and co-option policy can be found on the following link -

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Quiet Lanes Project - Stanton and Bardwell

6 May 2021

Stanton Parish Council is exploring opportunities to designate certain rural lanes in the villages of Stanton and Bardwell as “Quiet Lanes” as part of a county wide project.
The support of residents in both villages is required to enable the project to progress.
Road Safety is a top priority for both villages.
Quiet Lanes are a nationally recognised designation for narrow, rural single-track lanes (i.e no line markings), typically with less than 1,000 vehicle movements per day. Quiet Lanes are shared by walkers, horse riders, cyclists and other road users. They encourage drivers to ‘Expect and Respect’ more vulnerable road users and so allow non-motorised users to enjoy rural lanes in greater safety.
These types of lanes do not impose traffic restrictions and are not enforced. Advisory signs are placed at either end of Quiet Lanes to show motorised users clearly that the road is a shared space.
We feel that this would be of real benefit to the villages and those who visit. The lanes being considered are already used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders and link with existing footpaths and bridleways in the villages.
We have identified, in conjunction with Suffolk County Council (Highways), the following proposed sites (which meet the necessary criteria of less than 1.000 vehicle movements per day) as being suitable for designation.
• Duke Street (North), Stanton
• Wyken Road (from T Junction with Wyken Road) Stanton to A143
• Wyken Road (from A143 to Daveys Lane X roads ) Bardwell
• Knox Lane Bardwell
• Daveys Lane Bardwell
• Glassfield Road Stanton (to Daveys Lane X roads)
• Bury Lane Stanton from j/w Sturgeons Way towards the Wyken Road
This notice seeks to inform you as the first stage of a full public consultation process.
If you wish to make any comments about these proposals at this initial stage, we would welcome these in writing either by email to the Parish Council Clerk – Stantonparishcouncil@gmail.com or by post to Stanton Parish Council, Sucrerie, Old Bury Road, Stanton, Suffolk IP31 2BX by 26 May 2021.
As part of the formal public consultation process there will also be a Public meeting at 7pm on Thursday 27 May 2021 (before the Annual Parish Meeting) at Stanton Community Village Hall to discuss these proposals.
Any persons wishing to attend this meeting IN PERSON should contact the Parish Clerk to book a space due to COVID restrictions at the hall.
This project is being funded by the Suffolk County Council Suffolk 2020 Fund and the East Suffolk Community Partnerships and Greenprint Forum.
For more information about this project see the Quiet Lanes Suffolk website - www.quietlanessuffolk.co.uk
Francis Hart – Chair of Stanton Parish Council
David Ruffles – Chair of Bardwell Parish Council
May 2021

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Annual Litter Pick

26 April 2021

At it again in April 2021!

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Village Litter Pick

12 April 2021

SATURDAY 24 April 2021
10am to 12 Noon
Meeting at the Stanton War Memorial

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Wellington Bomber crash - Stanton -

12 April 2021

The Parish Council has received the following email from Philip Boyle

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Retirement of Councillor June Miller

9 April 2021

After 50 years of dedicated service Cllr June Miller has decided, with a heavy heart to announce her retirement from Stanton Parish Council.

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Speeding in Barningham Road Stanton

9 April 2021

The following information has been received from Suffolk Police Road Safety Camera Team

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'Suffolk says keep learning' campaign

24 March 2021

Message from West Suffolk Council Families and Communities team -
Please could you take a minute to fill out the survey below.
The 'Suffolk Says Keep Learning' campaign is going to run towards the end of the year and will be centred on encouraging people to learn new skills and hobbies.
Learning is one of the five ways to wellbeing as championed by Suffolk Mind and the four other actions (Connect, Give, take notice, be active) will be ran by other organisations throughout this year.
We have created a survey in advance to get a better picture on what people would like to learn, the survey takes less than a minute to complete and asks questions focussing on what topics and styles of learning people are interested in.
We hope to get as many people as possible to answer the survey so we can get a more tailored campaign to our communities and I would really appreciate your help in answering and spreading the survey.

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