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Financial Information

Precept and budget

The Parish Council finances its activities from part of the council tax paid by households in the parish. Stanton Parish Council sets its precept (the amount of money it raises from council tax payers) for the current financial year  at the Annual Budget meeting in November. The application for Precept can be found under each financial year.

The minutes for the meeting to set the precept for the next financial year can be seen here

Statements of Accounts

The audited Annual Returns  and Notice of Completion of Audit can be found under each financial year.


A Grant Awarding Policy allows local organisations to apply for funding for special projects. These are reviewed at the Annual Budget setting meeting annually in November.

You can access the Grant Awarding Policy here . A Grant Application form can be downloaded here

Staff costs

Total staff costs for each month are shown in the list of payments on the Agenda and Minutes and total annual staff costs are in the Annual Return.

The Clerk is paid according to the scales agreed between the National Association of Local Councils and the Society of Local Council Clerks. The Parish Council has agreed that the Clerk should be paid on Scale NJC 23. The Street Cleaner is paid in accordance with Government minimum wage guidance.


You can see a List of Parish Council Assets here.


The Parish Council awards a two year Grass Cutting Contract by advertising to companies and inviting them to tender for the specification.

Councillors' expenses

Parish councillors are unpaid and (apart from the Chairman) receive no allowance, although travel and subsistence expenses are reimbursed. The Chairman can claim a small allowance for meeting his expenses as Chairman.

Financial Regulations

You can see a copy of the Council's Financial Regulations here

If you have any questions about the Council's finances please contact us.