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Wellington Bomber Crash - Stanton - 24 May 1942

12 April 2021

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The Parish Council has received the following email from Philip Boyle

I am the nephew of Flight Sergeant John George Ypres Boyle who was killed in Wellington Bomber T2802 which crashed on 24th May 1942 near Stanton. All the crew died when a wing broke away from the plane during a training exercise.

I have been researching the crash and trying to contact as many relatives of the crew members as possible together with other interested parties such as local historians. All the information I have accumulated to date is on a website I have created, https://philboyle59.wixsite.com/t2802 including pictures supplied by local people who I have already contacted of the appropriate crash site.

Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions I haven't yet been able to visit the site myself.

I am wondering if it might be possible to place a permanent memorial to the crew of the plane somewhere near the site.

I am not sure how this would be funded but other families have expressed their interest and willingness to contribute.

Perhaps if there isn't a suitable place then the local church might be possible.

I have no experience in how to go about this and am therefore reaching out to anyone who might have this knowledge or would be interested in this project.

Next year, 2022, will be 80 years since the accident and so I think this might be an appropriate time to do this. Covid restrictions permitting it might also be good to plan some form of memorial service on or near the anniversary.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who is interested in this project.