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Meetings - Agendas and Minutes


Listed below are the meetings for the coming year. Here you will also find the Agenda and Minutes of previous meetings.  

2022   Agenda Minutes
January 5th Agenda  Not quorate
January 13th Agenda
February  10th              
March  10th  
April  8th  
May  2021   6th  Agenda  Minutes
May  27th Annual Parish Meeting  Agenda  Draft Minutes
June   10th  Agenda  Minutes
June  28th EGM  Agenda  Not for publication
July  8th  Agenda  Minutes
July  27th EGM  Agenda  Not for publication
August  12th  Agenda  Minutes
September  9th  Agenda  Minutes
September 29th EGM  Agenda  Not for publication
October 12th Planning  Agenda  Minutes
October  14th  Agenda  Minutes
October  28th Budget   Agenda   Minutes
November  11th  Agenda  Minutes
December  9th  Agenda  Minutes