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Councillor Portfolios

See who is the Councillor for each area of business

There are no committees presently meeting regularly. The Planning committee consisting of all available Councillors will meet when necessary.

Working parties are set up to discuss issues currently affecting the Village and for Special events.

Please contact the Clerk with any queries in the first instance.


Planning    Planning Applications   All  Environmental     Litter/dog bins  David Cleland-Smith 
Planning Information Trees John Frizzell 
Rural Development Allotments/Cemetery Francis Hart 
Parish Plans Speedwatch Brian Brown 
Highways      Roads and footways Phil Smith



 Play equipment Phil Smith 
Hedges and Trees  Francis Hart  Open spaces  Alan Shelton 
Street cleaning/litter Alan Kemp  Sports area  Francis Hart 
Street lighting    Conditions of hire   
Road signs         
 Projects and  Development    Project management Phil Smith 



 Maintenance Phil Smith
Village Hall liaison  Alan Shelton  5 year plan  Alan Kemp 
Sports Clubs liaison  Martin Scowcroft  Lease agreements  Martin Scowcroft 
Christmas Tree  Brian Brown  Safer Neighbourhood   




Youth provision Brian Brown



Pay roll Alan Shelton
Community development  Karen Davies  Risk assessment  Martin Scowcroft 
Street planting  Barbara Smithson Insurance  Barbara Smithson 
Conservation    Firework event  
Village Tubs/Garden competition   Governance/Financial Regs  
Landscaping/grass cutting        
Personnel Vacancies/Interviews Barbara Smithson      
Annual Appraisal David Cleland-Smith      
Discipline/grievance John Frizzell      
Job descriptions/contracts