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Recycling Banks

Stanton Parish Council like to contribute to the campaign for a greener Suffolk. The Parish Council works with West Suffolk District Council who recycle all our donations in the recycling banks.

Recycling Banks for clothing, bottles and paper are located on the Recreation Ground near the Community Village Hall.

Whilst textile prices are currently around the £350 a tonne mark, your door to door charity bag goes directly to a commercial company who donate to Charity on tonnage - often only around £40 to £50 so the majority of your donations are going to the private company who recycle and send these off to mainly Africa to be re sold. Using the clothing bank means that this profit will go back to your Parish Council.

Last financial year the Parish Council received just under £2200.00 from recycling. Every penny of this is used to improve village facilities including our new play area and street furniture.

Help us to improve our village and do your bit for a greener Suffolk by recycling at the recreation ground as much as you can!

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