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Speeding in Barningham Road Stanton

9 April 2021

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The following information has been received from Suffolk Police Road Safety Camera Team

I last obtained speed data using Speed Detection Radar (SDR) from B1111 George Hill, Stanton opposite Hill Top Way in August 2019, and the site data will be due for review after three years so next August is when deployment of an SDR will be due. As stated in the complaint the camera van operates in that area opposite Hill Farm as a site was set up following the SDR data in 2016, and review data was collected in 2019. It shows the total weekly volume had risen from 30231 to 41082, and the level of speeding at a prosecutable speed had dropped from A143 direction from 40.7% to 17.8% surely down to enforcement action, with just a slight drop from Barningham from 16.8% to 15%. Obviously any local SNT additional enforcement when possible would help further I would imagine which has been mentioned to the SNT. 

The level of speeding makes it a green category site, i.e. the aim being a minimum visit of once every six weeks. This is the lower category of site based on the speed data. The latest enforcement has been today with 3 offenders captured. Previous recent dates of enforcement were 10th March, 14th February and 24th January. We currently have about 480 active enforcement sites across the County and a small enforcement team, so logistically to cover all sites sufficiently is a constant battle and our team work hard and can only do its best. 

With the mention of speed bumps, which obviously are a Suffolk County Council issue, people have to be very careful what they wish for. I know of two locations, i.e. Oulton, near Lowestoft, and Bungay outside the school, where I have been told sleeping Policemen type bumps were placed but very quickly afterwards were removed again due to vibration shock running through the ground to nearby houses when vehicles ran over them, particularly HGVs, resulting in high cost no doubt and no useful outcome. This is a side of them that is not always considered. However the residents comments do seem to be aware of some of the down side to them. 

We also now have enforcement sites further along at Barningham and Hopton, so one would hope for that to have some knock on effect at Stanton.

 I hope this helps your parishioners realise that our team is doing what it can in the fight against speeding in your Parish.