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Offensive Odours Affecting Stanton Village

13 December 2021

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Recently, there has been a recurrence of bad odours and a chemical smell affecting the Village. Parishioners have reported symptoms including sore throats, headaches and feelings of nausea. Moreover, shutting doors and windows is essential when the fumes are detected; because, when the smell gets inside houses it lingers unpleasantly and for a substantial amount of time.

In my capacity as Parish Councillor, I have been in contact with the West Suffolk Public Health Authority who, under the terms of the Environmental Protection Act 1990, have a duty to investigate complaints alleging statutory nuisance.

A statutory nuisance is when fumes and smell unreasonably and significantly affect a neighbouring property.

In the understanding of the Public Health Authorities, the source or sources of the fumes and smell is not known. Should the Authority have this information they could take steps to have remedial action taken.

To that end, I wish to offer myself as an intermediary so that a record of all future events is properly recorded and tabulated. Thereby, a comprehensive report can be produced and forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

Therefore, should you be troubled by offensive smells and odours in future, please record the following information:-

Location in the village:
Duration of smell or odour:
Any characteristics of the smell, e.g. gassy, amoniaical manure-like etc:
Any adverse symptoms, e.g. headache, sore throat, feelings of nausea or sickness, effects on breathing etc:
Any lingering effects indoors:

If you would forward any reports to me at:- john.frizzell@yahoo.co.uk, I will collate a report to be submitted to the authorities when we have amassed enough information on which they can act.

Your co-operation would be much appreciated.

John Frizzell
Parish Councillor.