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Annual Litter Pick

26 April 2021

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At it again in April 2021!

Well, the Parish Council has been organising a community litter pick annually now since 2010 (only last year it was cancelled due to Lockdown#1) I wonder how may bags we have filled in that time?

Litter Pick 2021 2

Bags of rubbish

This year there were around 20 bags, some of which were dropped by the Church wall ready for collection by WSDC, others were deposited in peoples home bins.  This is less than when we first started, however still too many.  We do of course employ Kenny & Charlie who both do a great job every week, but we all need to do our bit everyday too. 

This year we had a few different faces joining the stalwarts to target different areas of the village, in a socially distanced Covid compliant fashion of course, gathering rubbish that had been left.  Needless to say, there were the usual items, that sadly are a constant bug bear, such as dog poo bags dumped thoughtlessly, and fast-food packaging which seems to be increasing in the hedgerows and on road margins. 

 On the Recreation ground this year we had a couple of first-time helpers, Poppy & Maisie with their Mum, who were shocked to see the number of “high energy” drink containers discarded around the field, especially as there are numerous waste bins that are there to use.  They were further stunned when some teenagers deliberately threw their rubbish on the grass – when politely challenged by the litter pickers they did at least gather up their rubbish and deposit it in the offered bag. How sad that this challenge was necessary at all!  There really is no excuse to be a tosser!   

Litter Pick 2021

Poppy Maisie and Mum on the Recreation Ground

This year I suggested to all the volunteers that, should they come across any rubbish that was of a type or size that they could not collect that using the app https://what3words.com/about to identify the exact location of it, would be really helpful they could be reported and hopefully moved by other means much more easily.

W3W logo

 Its also a really helpful way of reporting things like potholes or damaged road signs etc.   You can download for free to your mobile, its helpful too should you need to call for help when out, or just meeting someone in an area that is no so familiar or with obvious landmarks.            

Thank you to the following for support and giving up a couple of hours on a fine and sunny Saturday morning to help keep Stanton looking tidy:

Darren & Ginny, Francis & Joy, Maureen & Alan, Pat, Karen, Elaine & Emily, Rosemary, Brian & Mary, Daniel, Angela, Maria with Maisie & Poppy, Lorraine & Kaz, Viv, and Craig with Freddie, Archie & Ellie .

Litter Pick 2021 3

Councillor Brown