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Coronavirus Information

The Parish Council now has a list of 26 volunteers who are willing to help in various ways if you need help during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Shopping may be limited at the moment due to availability of produce but we can still help with a phone call, reassurance or the collection of medicine etc. All volunteers have been checked with a basic voters check so you can be reassured that they are who they say they are as all are being co-ordinated through the Parish Clerk.

As of today Stanton 'Next Door' site has 697 neighbours registered and 40% of 1344 houses so a lot of people are getting messages on a regular basis. I will send some invites out again - please do consider signing up if you get one.

Not everyone uses Social Media but a lot of people do have an email address and can sign up for Next Door so during this crisis,please use all the means available to you and your neighbours to ensure we all get through this outbreak in the best of health both physically and mentally.

Other social media sites can also be accessed on Facebook - including 'Mill View Stanton', 'Things for Sale and Whats on in Stanton' and 'Stanton Village (Neighbourhood Watch) Suffolk and Community Group'

For the latest Government Advice -please visit

We are a great Community and look forward to happier times later on in the Summer. This is not going to be easy but if we all pull together then we will get through this!